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Enabling BE for Supporting Value Chain Development - Synthesis of Virtual Discussion, SDC 2005

    Posted on the right hand side is the draft synthesis: comments and feedback are welcome.

    Summary of results
    Previous debate cycles: After discussing issues of 'how to analyse value chains' in the first discussion cycle, and 'how to identify interventions and leverage points' during the second cycle, 'donor interventions in value chains' in the third and 'value chain development and poverty reduction' in the fourth cycle, the fifth cycle dealt with 'Embedded Services (EBS) and other services in value chain development'. These are all posted on

    Starting point for this cycle: During all previous cycles we concentrated on the role and intervention possibilities development agencies can assimilate when working directly with value chain actors or value chain supporters1. The influence or possible roles development agencies can have regarding value chain influencers were not addressed so far. This is the main reason for initiating a debate cycle about actors who can influence the framework conditions for value chain development and possible interactions with development agencies.

    An 'enabling business environment'. For a basic understanding some quotes and graphs were introduced at the beginning of the cycle. Please find them in annex B of this synthesis.

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    Synthesis documents
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