Impact Assessment

DCED (2015): Measuring Business Environment Reform Results - Sample Indicators, 2015

    This document, developed by the DCED Business Environment Reform Working Group, provides a list of sample indicators to measure the results of different types of business environment reform (BER) programmes.

    It does not represent a prescriptive list, but rather offers examples of possible indicators that BER programmes can consider for their own use. Note that the definition of programme-specific indicators should always be rooted in a clear understanding of the programme logic, which clarifies how interventions will spur changes in the behaviours of key actors and lead to specific economic development goals.

    The sample indicators included in the document are organised acccording to the following categories:

    Impact Indicators:
    Impact on the economy
    Impact on the poor
    Impact on firms

    Intermediate Outcomes

    Intermediate Outcomes within specific reform domains:
    Simplifying business registration and licensing procedures
    Improving tax policies and administration
    Enabling better access to finance
    Improving labour laws and administration (Decent Work)
    Improving the overall quality of regulatory governance
    Improving land titles, registers and administration
    Simplifying and speeding up access to commercial courts and to alternative dispute‐resolution mechanisms
    Broadening public‐private dialogue processes
    Improving access to markets through trade and customs reform (formerly improving access to market information)
    Reforms that Promote Human Rights
    Reforms that Promote Green Growth

    The document can be downloaded as a pdf or excel version. It complements DCED donor guidance and case studies on the topic, which can be downloaded below.

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