Impact Assessment

Case Studies in the Measurement of Donor-Supported Business Environment Reform Results, Simon White, 2013

    This document contains four brief case studies concerning the measurement of business environment reform results. These cases were prepared as a contribution to the formulation of the annex to the 2008 Donor Guidance on Supporting Business Environment Reforms, entitled Measuring Donor-Supported Business Environment Reform Results: Practical Guidance for Development Agencies, which was published in October 2013.

    The first three cases are of reform programmes that are currently underway. The first is a regional reform programme (East Africa) designed to increase regional trade. The second case examines tax reform in Nigeria and the third, also in Nigeria, reports on a reform programme dealing with business advocacy and public-private dialogue (PPD).

    The fourth case study takes a retrospective look at a sub-national reform programme in Brazil. The State of Minas Gerais launched a reform programme in 2007 designed to improve the regulatory framework for business registration and company formation. In 2010, the World Bank undertook an impact assessment on firm registration and sought to better understand the influences on entrepreneurs’ decisions to formalise.

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