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Cape Town Conference: Informality and the World Bank Group Entrepreneurship Survey, 2010 (A. Mikhnev, Day 2, Afternoon Session)

    The follwing four documents relate to Andrei Mikhnev's contributions on 'Informality and the World Bank Group Survey' at the DCED Cape Town Conference, 2010:

    1. World Bank Group Entrepreneurship Survey, The Impact of the Financial Crisis on New Firm Creation: What Explains Differences Across Countries?
    The short study indicates that upper-middle income countries saw the sharpest downturn in new firm creation as a result of the financial crisis. Furthermore, while between 2003 and 2007 new business entry was correlated strongly with the relative strength of the business environment, the strength of the regulatory environment may have lost its predictive power during the financial crisis.

    2. World Bank Group, 2008 World Bank Group Entrepreneurship Survey: Frequently Asked Questions, 2008.
    Among the questioned answers a number of key questions related to the goal, methodology, challenges and limitations of the World Bank Group Entrepreneurial Survey.

    3. Mikhnev, Andrei, Informality Survey: Russia, Republic of Adygeya, Presentation at the DCED Cape Town Conference 2010.
    Here, Andrei Mikhnev presents the results of survey of formal and informal businesses in the Republic of Adygeya, Russia. The survey results address the size, sectoral and geographical distribution of informality, as well as businesses' reasons for choosing to remain informal. Based on the findings, the author recommends a reduction in the tax burden for local businesses; the streamlining, increased transparency and predictability of regulation and; an improved flow of information about the costs and procedures for licensing and taxation.

    4. World Bank Group Entrepreneurship Survey: Informality Data

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    Synthesis documents
    »Donor Committee Conference: Business Environment Reform and the Informal Economy, Cape Town, South Africa, 12-15 April 2010