Synthesis documents

Cape Town Conference: Decent Work and the Transition to Formalization, 2008 (A. Berar Awad, Day 2, Fishbowl 3)

    Decent work and the transition to formalization: Recent trends, policy debates and good practices, 2007
    The first part of this document summarises ILO research on the nature of the informal economy and policies to promote the transition to formalisation, in the context of ILO's Decent Work agenda. The second part details key points from the ILO's 'Tripartite Interregional Symposium on the Informal Economy: Enabling Transition to Formalization', held in Geneva, 27-29th November 2007.

    Resolution and Conclusions concerning decent work and the informal economy, 2002
    This document details ILO policy resolutions and conclusions related to the informal economy, dating from the ILO's General Conference, 2002. In its analysis of the informal economy, the publication highlights among other things the need to reform inappropriate legal and administrative frameworks that provide barriers to formalisation.

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    Synthesis documents
    »Donor Committee Conference: Business Environment Reform and the Informal Economy, Cape Town, South Africa, 12-15 April 2010