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Simplification of Business Regulations at the Sub-National Level: A Reform Implementation Toolkit, IFC, 2006

    This toolkit covers all phases in simplifying business regulations, from Diagnosis, through Process Design and Implementation, to Evaluation.

    The emphasis in this toolkit is on sub-national regulation generally and municipal regulations specifically, since most interaction between "government" and "business" occurs at the local or regional level. National regulatory policies may influence or affect investment decisions, but post-investment operations are influenced by other levels of government having legal authority over such operational activities -- principally those at the municipal level.

    Simplification is not just a process of eliminating inputs or steps in a particular process. It also involves ensuring that municipalities remain committed to reducing regulatory burdens by structuring their regulatory policy to promote sustainability in regulatory design and implementation into the future. To do this means that municipalities have to involve relevant stakeholders to assist them in ensuring that any deviation from that commitment undergoes examination. Change is permitted and even necessary, but when it is done in a transparent manner, abuse is minimized.

    Simplification will rarely succeed without strong leadership and a dedicated commitment on the part of elected and administrative officials. Simplification involves the evolution of municipal structures to assist officials in the development of policies and processes to achieve their municipal objectives.

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