Impact Assessment

Newsflash 3: Assessing Impact in the Enabling Environment, SDC/Brigitte Spaeth, November 2005

    The issue of Enabling Environment (EE), in which small enterprises operate, appeared only recently on the agenda of the international donor community. This issue will be addressed at the forthcoming conference of Donor Agencies for Small Enterprise DevelopmentĀ’s conference on reforming the business environment. Donors and executing agencies alike are facing a
    double challenge.

    First, supporting the reform of the legal, regulatory, policy, organisational and institutional framework is a relatively new task in SED. Instruments and tools are currently being developed and tested. Second, there is an ever increasing demand for impact monitoring, and consequently, a need for appropriate monitoring instruments and systems. The main issue of this News Flash is impact monitoring and assessment of enabling business environment activities in SED.

    An initial screening, an ex-ante appraisal or baseline survey / study for identifying the constraints of the business environment stands usually at the
    beginning of EE-intervention. This does not only provide important information for designing the interventions but serves also as a base for observing
    in the process of changes in the business behaviour and environment. In this respect, most of the assessment tools mentioned below, serve a double purpose: diagnosis and observation of how the prescribed cure works.

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