Project Design

Unpacking the Business and Investment Climate, and Reducing Red Tape, GTZ South Africa, 2005

    This entry includes two documents which describe the foundations of the BMZ/GTZ programme for PSD in South Africa, as it relates to the Business Environment.

    "Unpacking the Business and Investment Climate" (BIC) addresses the questions:

    - which interventions make sense with regard to which BIC elements?
    - what contributions can local level interventions make to improving a country's BIC?

    It also describes two examples of how some links between local-level interventions and higher levels could be established.

    The second article summarizes their facilitation approach to "Local Red Tape Reduction". The document contains a basic description of the approach as well as practical examples and results from the first pilot in South Africa. It will also form part of GTZ's Reader for the Cairo conference.

    The most recent addition to this entry is a Facilitator's Manual on Local Red Tape Reduction to Improve the Business Climate, by Anja Ruecker and Mattia Wegmann.

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