Synthesis documents

Compendium of Evidence on Innovation Policy, Universty of Manchester, 2012

    This compendium includes 20 literature reviews on the effectiveness of different policy interventions in promoting innovation:

    01_The Impact and Effectiveness of Fiscal Incentives for R&D
    02_The Impact of Regulation on Innovation
    03_The Impact and Effectiveness of Support Measures for Exploiting Intellectual Property
    04_The Effects of Policies for Training and Skills on Improving Innovation Capabilities in Firms
    05_The Effects of Cluster Policy on Innovation
    06_The Impact and Effectiveness of Policies to Support Collaboration for R&D and Innovation
    07_The Effects of Innovation Network Policies
    08_Innovation and Human Resources Migration and Employment Protection
    09_The Impact of Direct Support to R&D and Innovation in Firms
    10_The Impact and Effectiveness of Entrepreneurship Policy
    11_Access to Finance Impacts of Publicly Supported Venture Capital and Loan Guarantees
    12_Review of Policy Measures to Stimulate Private Demand for Innovation. Concepts and Effects
    13_Review of Pre-commercial Procurement Approaches and Effects on Innovation
    14_The Impact of Standardization and Standards on Innovation
    15_Impact of Technology Foresight
    16_Review of Measures in Support of Public Procurement of Innovation
    17_ The Impact of Innovation Inducement Prizes
    18_Impact of Technology and Innovation Advisory Services
    19_The impact of Innovation Policy Mix
    20_Impacts of Innovation Policy: Synthesis and Conclusion