Impact Assessment

WBG Investment Climate Impact Programme

    The Impact Programme has four pillars:

    - Results/Impact Framework: Aims at continuously contributing to the Investment Climate Results/Impact M&E Framework by carrying out literature reviews that inform the selection and definition of indicators and developing key impact indicators to be operationalized through the standard M&E framework.

    - Impact Evaluations: Aims at generating rigorous evidence on the effects of investment climate interventions by conducting impact evaluations. These impact evaluations generate knowledge on the effects that can be attributed to investment climate interventions through a combination of quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

    - Sustainability and Inclusion: Aims at assessing whether investment climate reforms will be sustained over time by providing practical advice on mechanisms that increase the likelihood of sustainable and inclusive reforms. Activities include pilots to identify sustainability and inclusion mechanisms and a toolkit to provide practical advice on how to increase the likelihood of sustainable and inclusive reforms.

    - Value for Money: Aims at promoting the optimization of investment climate intervention costs while achieving the maximum possible impact by developing cost metrics and conducting cost-effectiveness analyses across the portfolio.