Synthesis documents

Corruption and the Private Sector. A review of issues, Gonzalo F. Forgues-Puccio, EPS PEAKS, 2013

    This report is about the effects of public sector corruption on private firms and is the result of a helpdesk request from DFID related to the following questions:

    - How does corruption impede the growth of the private sector?
    - What forms of corruption are most harmful to business and how are different types/sizes of businesses affected differently by these forms?
    - In what ways can the private sector facilitate or engender corrupt practices and how do they gain from this, especially at high political levels?
    - What evidence is there that the private sector can help to reduce the existence of corruption and under what conditions is this likely to happen?

    The research is an output of a consortium of organisations managed by ODI providing Economic and Private Sector Professional Evidence and Applied Knowledge Services (EPS – PEAKS).