B.E. Assessment

Creating an enabling environment for MSE development in Thailand, White/ILO, 1999

    This working paper has been prepared as part of a series of technical inputs by the ILO into the design of policies, programmes and strategies that may be implemented to support the promotion of the micro and small enterprise sector in Thailand. The project was supported by UNDP, which has encouraged a particular focus on the role of micro and small enterprise (MSE) development in the alleviation of urban poverty.

    As a result, specific attention has been given to the MSE sector and to the entrepreneurial efforts of people in poverty and the MSE sector. This paper reports on the findings of an investigation into the policy, legal and regulatory (PLR) environment in which MSEs operate in Thailand, with an emphasis on the urban capital of Bangkok. This entailed a review and assessment of the relevance and effectiveness of various policies, laws and regulations that impact upon the promotion, creation and development of MSEs by both women and men, with special emphasis on the urban sector.

    Particular attention has been given to gaps or inconsistencies in the policy and regulatory environment, drawing also on essential lessons from other countries, as well as to identifying and recommending new instruments for use by policy-makers. In addition, the experiences of Government ministries and departments, and MSE owners and managers themselves, have been gathered for this study.

    Finally, a review of existing documentation on the state of the economy and the wider role of MSEs was undertaken, as well as a series of personal interviews with Government officials, and a survey of MSE owners and managers.