B.E. Assessment

Position of the Business Community on the Revision of the Ethiopian Commercial Code, Ethiopia PSD Hub, 2008

    As of August 2010, the Ethiopian Government appears close to finalising a revised version of Ethiopia’s Commercial Code. Prior to this undertaking, Ethiopia’s Commercial Code had not been updated since the late 1950s, and therefore needs changes in order to reflect the modern social and economic climate in Ethiopia.

    In July 2006, Ethiopia's Private Sector Development (PSD) Hub brought together fourteen Ethiopian practicing lawyers and academics and commissioned them to conduct an in-depth review of the Revised Draft Version of Ethiopia’s Commercial Code. This review is intended to have ‘due regard to the interests and concerns of the Ethiopian business community’.

    The final report, available to the right, reviews of the five books of the draft Revised Commercial Code in turn. In total, the publication contains more than 180 pages of analysis, considering legal provisions on business issues as diverse as company structure, insurance law, banking transactions and bankruptcy law.