B.E. Assessment

Assessing the Business Environment for Women's Entrepreneurship Development in the Kyrgyz Republic, ILO, 2009

    This report assesses gender-specific aspects of the business environment in Kyrgyzstan, in particular, the barriers and constraints faced by young women entrepreneurs in terms of their access to resources, markets, finance and legal support. After introducing the theme and providing an overview of the business environment in Kyrgyzstan, the report examines the following elements of the environment for women entrepreneurship in the Kyrgyz Republic:
    • Business registration and licensing
    • Finance and credit policies
    • Labour laws and regulations; labour relations
    • Protection of property rights, creditors and contract enforcement
    • Tax and customs administration
    The report then examines institutions for women entrepreneurship development in Kyrgyzstan, including government policy and programmes, business membership associations and public-private dialogue. Following the conclusion, an Annex lists the results of the survey on which the report is based.

    Methods for info gathering
    The report is based on structured interviews with 110 Kyrgyz women in the cities of Bishkek, Tokmak and Kizil-Kia.

    Summary of results
    These are just a few of the findings:

    The most common reasons for Kyrgyz women starting their own business were: 'I want to be my own master' (42%), 'I saw opportunities [for profit]' (39%), 'I can work when I want to work' (23%) and 'need for money' (16%).

    Public officials have visited 86% of women entrepreneurs to inspect their enterprises within the last two years.

    70% of respondents professed good prospects for their business in the following two years. An improved environment for SME development (30%), free access to finance and loans (30%), low cost of enterprise maintenance (23%) and governmental support for enterprises (22%) were the most common reasons cited by optimistic respondents.