Synthesis documents

The Social and Ecological Market Economy - A Model for Asian Development?, GTZ 2008

    This Reader explores the question which its title poses: 'The Social and Ecological Market Economy: A Model for Asian Development?'. The model of the social and ecological market economy can provide a perspective from which to approach the many unresolved questions in the region, and, after many discussions with partners in government agencies and the private sector, it is argued that Asian perceptions of the state, the economy, and social values potentially match the concepts of the social and ecological market economy in many areas.

    At the core of the reader are articles by GTZ practitioners, who provide examples of how elements of the social and ecological market economy are reflected in the portfolio of German development cooperation in the region and also reflect on what needs to be done to develop this further. These articles are complemented by the perspective of German researchers and policy advisors, who reflect on the current reform debate in Germany, and the perspective of Asian partner country representatives, who outline their own understanding of why the German model may be of relevance to sustainable development in their countries - using the model not as a blueprint, but as a starting point for dialogue. An introductory section sets the framework by outlining the different elements of the social and ecological market economy and by reflecting on GTZ's corporate philosophy in relation to the model.