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Conference: Private Sector Development and Peacebuilding - Exploring Local and International Perspectives, Berlin, September 2006

    A total of 24 presentations followed by plenary discussions addressed a variety of topics within six major areas: The Private Sector, Economic Growth and Peace Processes; Post-Conflict Investment; The Peacebuilding Potential of the Domestic Private Sector; PSD in Conflict Settings; PSD in Post-Conflict; Improved Planning, Intervention and Coordination in Conflict and Post-Conflict Settings; as well as Emerging Issues in Conflict-Affected Economies. General Information on the conference including a conference communique summarizing major messages from the conference, all presentations and keynotes as well as the results from the two working groups, will be posted on the right hand side shortly.

    a) General Information
    Conference Agenda (Concept Note, Programme, Administrative Details)
    Conference Report
    Welcome Address by Parliamentary Secretary of State, Ms. Karin Kortmann (in German only)
    List of participants
    GTZ Press Release
    Useful websites

    b) Opening Panel: The Private Sector, Economic Growth and Peace Processes

    Cornelia Richter, Head of Planning and Development, GTZ
    Nick Killick, Head of Peacebuilding Issues Programme, International Alert
    Pierre Guislain, General Manager FIAS, Investment Climate Department, World Bank Group
    Paul Collier, Professor of Economics, Oxford University
    Brian Whittaker, Chief Executive, Business Trust, South Africa

    c) Post-Conflict Investment
    'Understanding Investment in Post-Conflict Settings' by Tony Addison
    'Facilitating Post-conflict Investment' by Rob Mills
    'Public-Private Partnerships in post-conflict' by Joerg Hartmann
    'Private Investment and the Role of the State in Reconstruction' by Tilman Brueck

    Local Perspectives
    d) Local Business, Local Peace: the Peacebuilding Potential of the Domestic Private Sector

    'Nepal: Putting Peace on the Business Agenda' by Padma Jyoti, Ameet Dhakal
    'Colombia: Doing Business Amidst Conflict: Emerging Best Practices' by Gonzalo Murillo Escobar, Alexandra Guaqueta
    'Sri Lanka: Building Business Bridges' by Azmi Thassim, Markus Mayer
    'South Caucasus: Supporting Livelihoods Through Microfinance Across Conflict Divides' by Yulia Gumba, Irma Dzhgerenaia, Natalia Mirimanova

    International Perspectives
    e) Improved Planning, Intervention and Coordination in Conflict and Post-Conflict Settings

    Dan Smith Secretary General, International Alert
    Jim Tanburn Coordinator, Donor Committee for Enterprise Development

    f) Private Sector Development in Conflict Settings
    'Moving from Conflict Analysis to PSD Planning' by Sabine Becker
    'Promotion of Economy and Employment in Conflict Environments - Lessons from Nepal' by Armin Hofmann, Sonja Vorwerk
    'PSD in Somalia' by Hilary Sunman

    g) Private Sector Development in Post-Conflict
    "Promoting PSD in Conflict-Affected Fragile States: Experiences and Lessons Learned" by Maria Kim
    "Business development for peace - experiences from Croatia, Palestine, Somalia, Sri Lanka and Timor Leste" by Alfredo Lazarte, Karl-Oskar Olming
    'PSD and economic reform in post-conflict Afghanistan' by Johannes Giwer
    "Injecting PSD reform in the post-conflict assistance agenda" by Richard Stern, Catherine Masinde, Marc Reichel
    'Promoting regional trade and cooperation in the South Caucasus' by Stefan Oehrleing

    h) Emerging issues in conflict-affected economies
    'The Impact of Peacekeeping Missions on Local Economies' by Michael Carnahan

    i) Working Groups
    Outcomes from Break-Out Session 1: Implications for Working Better with the Private Sector in Conflict and Post-Conflict
    Outcomes from Break-Out Session 2: Potential Areas for Enhanced Donor Collaboration and Partnerships with others

    j) Previously-published background papers

    Associated Activities and Documents
    Synthesis documents
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