B.E. Assessment

Assessing the Quality of Viet Nam's Business Laws and Regulations, GTZ, UNDP, 2004-6

    The entry contains papers from GTZ and UNDP initiatives to improve the business enabling environment in Vietnam:

    - "Improving the Quality of Business Laws - A Quick Scan of Vietnam's Capacities & Introduction of International Best Practices" (2005) compares Vietnam's process for making business laws with international best practice.

    - "Business Licensing - Current Status and the Ways Forward"(2006) decribes the nature of and contraints in business lincensing in Vietnam and makes policy recommendations to monitor business licenses and business conditions.

    - "Regulatory Impact Assessment of Unified Enterprise Law & Common Investment Law" (2005) provides an RIA of these two laws with a focus on the replacement of the existing licensing mechanism with a registration system applicable to foreign investors.

    - "Regulatory Impact Statement: The Shift from Foreign Investment Licensing to Registration" (2004) is a desk study which demonstrates what an RIS could look like using available inforamtion on this issue.

    - "Guideline for Implementation of a Regulatory Impact Assessment Process" is a manual for conducting RIA adapted to the Vietnamese context.

    Associated Activities and Documents
    Project Design
    »GTZ Vietnam, Strategy for an Enabling Environment for SMEs, 2004
    »Public Private Dialogue in the Making of the Enterprise Law and Investment Law, Vietnam, GTZ, 2006